Consulting Club

Make Meaningful Connections.

Join Consulting Club to learn from professional consultants who will share their experiences and help undergraduate students position themselves to be competitive in the job market.


Consulting Club is a great way to get exposed to to the industry without being committed to a job or class. As business students, we know that networking is important, but the real value comes from making meaningful connections. Each meeting allows ample time for individual questions, and many students have been able to remain connected with guest speakers who eventually become a somewhat of a mentor for them.


Don’t wait to form these connections when you leave CSU – start today!

Meet The Executive Team

Ryleigh Becker


Major: Supply Chain and Management Innovation

I am excited to be the President of the Consulting club because I am passionate about building community, learning and growing with the people around me.

Consulting is such a unique area of business that not many people know about and that’s why I think this blub has such an important place in the College of Business.

I hope to help club members develop new skills but also grow in their current ones through career panels, workshops, events and team building exercises. I am super excited to see what this next year brings!

Alice Larm

Corporate Engagement Officer

Concentrations: HR and Management and Innovation

I am excited to be the Outreach Officer for the C-State Consulting Club. I am passionate about creating an inclusive space for students to explore their passions and learn more about the world of consulting. I look forward to meeting all C-State members and growing our club together!

Blake Bowers

Financial Officer

Concentration: Finance with an emphasis on Real Estate

I am really excited to be the Treasurer for the C-state Consulting Club this year. I really enjoyed the Consulting Club this past semester and I am looking forward to being in a position where I can help expand the club.

I have many ideas that I want to implement into the club that I feel will help improve the club and get more people interested in consulting.

Brock Deal

Involvement Officer

Concentration: Management and Innovation and Accounting

I am finishing my second year, and going into my third in the fall.

I chose Cstate because I went to the management alumni night, and learned about consulting. This piqued my interest leading me to attend a meeting which made me only more interested. From there, I really wanted to get involved! I am excited to hear from different firms and learn more about the world of consulting!

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